pitchcorrect.com is a division of
Patrick McGuire Recording Inc.

pitch correct, pitch correction, vocal tuning, and tuning vocals

are all terms used for the practice of digitally correcting the pitch of recorded vocal tracks.


pitchcorrect.com exists to make your life a little easier as a producer, engineer or vocal artist.


Hi, I'm Patrick, of Patrick McGuire Recording Inc., in Arlington, Texas. I've spent a significant amount of my time and energy in vocal production since starting my studio in 1984. I've produced and engineered hundreds of albums for some well known and some not so well known artists. As vocal production has changed over the years, I've tried to keep up with the latest vocal recording techniques while trying to remain true to my old school roots.


Auto-Tune came along in 1998 and Melodyne in 2001 and I have worked with both of these programs extensively since their introductions.   These programs, and a few others have revolutionized vocal production. It doesn't really matter whether we like vocal tuning or not, it is here to stay. Personally, I prefer and specialize in pitch correction that is difficult if not impossible to detect. I like for a vocal to sound naturally in tune to the listener. The comment I get the most from listeners about my clients' music is how well they sing in tune. I just agree and smile!  When I pitch correct for you, it will be kept strictly between us.  When called for, I can also do the more extreme vocal tuning (think Cher and T-Pain). 


I was born with a sense of melody and harmony which I have developed over the years. I also learned chord theory at a young age and am able to correlate melodies, harmonies and chords. This is very important in pitch correction, because many decisions have to be made about what the artist intended to sing.

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Pitch Correct one lead vocal track under 5 min. length